About Us

As a mom of boys, I was always disappointed in going to the shops and daydreaming of a "sea of pink" clothes and a closet full of little girl's shoes and things.  That finally changed in 2014 when my family was blessed with our daughter Caitlin "Sparrow."  That sea of pink I had daydreamed of was on the horizon.  At least until I found those wonderfully cute clothes had been replaced with a wash of loud neon, crazy prints, and cuts far too provocative for a baby or toddler.

We have always enjoyed big business diversity and appreciate personable service. So why couldn't we provide that?  Our online marketplace began with the Sparrow's Closet on Etsy, selling hand embellished clothes for babies and toddlers, primarily during seasonal events.  In an effort to grow our business, or brand, and curate a more diverse collection for kids we've expanded now to our own dot com.